(June 2013-November 2014)

as a “Site Architect”

İzmir / Turkey

Worked as a Site Architect that member of a core Construction Department in TAV Construction and responsible for large scale of finishing works areas and reporting directly Finishing Works Chief, in Adnas Menderes Airport Domestic Terminal Project.

  • Coordination and quality control on site supervision,
  • Ensuring proper coordination between project,constructions and sub-contractors,
  • Quantity scheduling and payment progress,
  • Ensure accordance of mechanical and electricitical groups and proper coordination between construction and fit-out projects.

Adnan Menderes Airport Domestic Terminal 

 (Total area of 300.000 sqm)

Completed and operational since 2014,in İzmir

  • Completion finishing works of office blocks including VIP areas (over 400 office rooms) and delivering operational management,
  • Completion finishing works of VIP Office building that including Wc and bathrooms areas, insulating details and conference room,
  • Completion finishing works of Arrival Lounge that including ceiling, wall, floor, railing and cladding details,
  • Completion finishing works of rotunda areas,
  • Completion finishing works of belt conveyors,
  • Completion of main cafeteria (capacity over 500 person), main kitchen and common areas,
  • Coordination finishing works of steel ladders,
  • Completion of numerous cafe and kitchen areas, belonging BTA,
  • Completion and coordination finishing works of  numerous mechanical and eletrical rooms,
  • Coordination finishing works of BHS areas that including office rooms and main control room.